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CASCO’s mission is to contribute to the well-being of our community by ensuring that the future of business is socially responsible through the collaboration of business professionals, university students, and members of the community.



Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)

Did you know there are countless hospital activities that make children's lives easier but are unable to be covered by government efforts? Instead, they are funded by caring community partners such as yourself.

Through fundraising like this, we will work towards providing CHEO with groundbreaking healthcare technology and research. Together, we fund far beyond healthcare equipment. Your efforts help provide the little things that make the children as comfortable as possible. Whether it be IV teddy bears, support programs for the children and their families or anything else in between.

Your contribution will ensure that no child at CHEO is bound by the limitations an illness attempts to set on their life. Your contribution will literally change lives, in every aspect of the word.


For the past twenty-three years, CASCO has gone above and beyond to cultivate and maintain relationships with our partners in the community. Our sponsors are one of the most important contributing factors to our final donation to CHEO. We take pride in ensuring that our relationships with sponsors are transformational, not transactional. Our sponsorship team understands the need for transparency in communication and can guarantee that all of your company's needs will be met. Previous donors have come from a diverse array of sectors, and all of them have benefited immensely from the opportunities that CASCO provides.


We are proud to have partnered with small-sized and large-sized companies across Eastern Ontario. CASCO has the utmost gratitude towards our sponsors, and we cherish all of the help they provide in aiding our cause.

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