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Meet The Team



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Executive Team

Faseeha Farhan (VP Operations), Lila Galipeau (VP Marketing), Andrew Junop (President), Danielle Stolte (VP External), Siya Patel (VP Logistics), Divya Menon (VP Internal)

Missing from picture - Om Sant (VP Finance)

Internal Team

Allie Alferez (Director of Human Ressources), Nihara Perera (Engagement Coordinator), Divya Menon (VP Internal), Sara Sabbagh (Alumni Relations Officer)

Ambassador Team

Megan Thompson, Siya Bhardwaj, Allen Sit, Nihara Perera (Engagement Coordinator), Kaushik Chopra, Rushika Bucktowonsing, Grace Tongue (Ambassadors)

Logistics Team

Siya Patel (VP Logistics), Adam Said (Gold Project Manager), Valerie Bradley (Cheers to CHEO Project Manager), Nadia Henry (Director of Logistics)

Missing from picture - Sumayya Kheireddine (Director of Logistics)


External Team

Elina Alam (CPRO), ? (?), Mahmoud Azab (Director of Sponsorship), Danielle Stolte (VP External), Donald Truong (Director of Sponsorship), Hillary Chiazza (Director of Sponsorship)Haley Masuda (Director of Sponsorship)

Missing from picture - Emma Mahoney (Director of Sponsorship)

Operations Team

? (?), Tasneem Alhassan (Styles Director), Madison Hansen (Choreographer), Faseeha Farhan (VP Opreations)Cloé Abou Assali (Music Director)Justin Hay (Music Director), Etana Dang (Creative Director), Naavya Arora  (Director of Operations), Jeremy Rigley (Music Director)

Missing from picture: Abigail Azizan (Styles Director)


Marketing Team

Maxime Fournier (Photographer/Videographer), Marguerite Thérien Pedneault (Content Creator), Cece Nguyen (Photographer/Videographer), Lila Galipeau (VP Marketing), Imaan Jiaz (Graphic Designer), Giulia Della Coletta (Website Administrator), Annabelle Demers (Graphic Designer), Mathilde Guibord (Translator)


Missing from picture: Kate Guilbault (Content Creator), Kiana Raymond (Website Administrator), Mira Pouliot (Social Media Manager)

Finance Team

Om Sant (VP Finance), Noémie Casanova (Director of Finance), Oleksandr Tytarenko (Director of Finance), Gaaiyathiri Ramesh (Director of Finance)

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