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CASCO’s 24th Annual Gala –
Time and Time Again

CASCO and The Road to $1 Million

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission to support CHEO, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Your presence tonight is more meaningful than words can express. You are the very reason we can gather here, united in our commitment to making a difference in the lives of children who depend on CHEO for life-altering care.


With your support, we are well on our way to reaching our ambitious goal of raising $1 million. This incredible milestone will directly benefit the young patients and their families who rely on CHEO.


As we celebrate this evening, we urge you to continue your generous contributions. Every dollar you give brings us one step closer to achieving our fundraising target and ensuring that the children of our community receive the best care possible. Your compassion and generosity make a profound impact, and together, we can create a brighter future for these young lives. 


Thank you for being part of this remarkable journey.

Fundraising tonight!

What activities can you expect during this magical evening?

  • Silent auction  (in the ballroom)

  • 50/50 draw  (floaters walking around)

  • CHEO bear sales  (in the ballroom)

  • Balloon pop  (in the foyer)

Timeline of the evening 

Doors open

Enjoy a drink, get your picture taken and participate in our silent auction bids and 50/50 draw before the start of our 24th annual gala 

Start of the gala

Act I



Act II


End of the gala

6:00 pm

Our CHEO Champion

Carissa Marcotte

Thank you to our sponsors!

Exec & Cast: 

Our executives: Andrew Junop (President), Abigail Azizan, Adam Said, Alan Stas, Allie AlferezAlyssa Dinunzio, Annabelle Demers, Cece Dieu Linh Nguyen, Cloé Abou Assali, Danielle Stolte, Divya Menon, Donald Truong, Elina Alam, Etana Dang, Faseeha Farhan, Gaaiyathiri Ramesh, Giulia Dalla Coletta, Grace Tongue, Haley Masuda, Hilary Chiazza, Imaan Ijaz, Jeremy Rigley, Justin Hay, Kate Guilbault, Kaushik Chopra, Kiana Raymond, Kieran Tew, Lila Galipeau, Lucas Chiazza, Madison Hansen, Mahmoud Azab, Marguerite Thérien Pedneault, Mathilde Guibord, Maxime Fournier, Megan Thompson, Michael Anthony Picciano, Mira Pouliot, Naavya Arora, Nadia Henry, Nihara Perera, Noémie Casanova, Oleksandr Tytarenko, Om Sant, Rushika Bucktowonsing, Sara Sabbagh, Siya Bhardwaj, Siya Patel, Sumayya Kheireddine, Tasneem Alhassan, Valerie Bradley.

Our cast: Anastasia Fahlman, Alyssa Dinunzio, Juanita Calderon Rodriguez, Madison Hansen, Katelynn Baksa, Abigail Azizan, Katie Grimes,Tasneem Alhassan, Matéo De Los Santos, Cloe Abou Assali, Rachel Piché, Jeremy Rigley, Janie Martinsen, Justin Hay, Andreas Tzemenakis,Nadia Henry, Anne Hyppolite Gusnie, Marguerite Thérien Pedneault, Jessika Salambere, Kate Guilbault, Kelsey King, Khadija Ahmad, Mariam shahid, Minh Khue Cao, Patrick Celo, Zackari Levesque, Dean McNamara, Jasmine Wong, John Swayty, Maya Famili, Sammi Beaudoin, Funmibi Badmus


For the Kids –
Time and Time Again

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