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Why become a sponsor?

Sponsoring CASCO is something like no other. By sponsoring CASCO you will be touching the lives of many children and truly making an impact. Not only that, but sponsorship will help improve its public image, and establish a reputation. CASCO will also feature your company logo on our website, on our shirts and in events! You wouldn't only be helping your business, but also be helping the kids who need it.

Don't wait, sponsor CASCO now and be a part of the change!

Benefits of CASCO Networking

CASCO’s mission is to ultimately give back to our communities. Collaborating with our team not only helps us give back to the CHEO Foundation, but it also provides several benefits for our partners. These benefits include, but are not limited to: 

  • Getting the opportunity to provide presentations at our Workshops

  • Logo exposure at various CASCO events, such as volleyball tournaments

  • Brand awareness through our events

  • Networking opportunities

Every year, CASCO invites a select handful of companies to set up a networking opportunity at our annual Cheers to CHEO theme reveal event. This event is a unique experience that will provide opportunities for exposure for your company. Additionally, with hundreds of students in attendance at our events, your company will gain unprecedented levels of student talent ー you will have a chance to get your name out to the best, brightest, and most involved students not just at Telfer, but from many other faculties at the University of Ottawa as well.

Students who attend these events seek to network and have the potential to end up being future employees at your company. Furthermore, these are opportunities for your company to promote its products and services to potential clients, helping your company build meaningful connections that could manifest future opportunities. Being present at our events will not only increase your company’s level of community involvement and engagement but will also bring about long-term corporate growth and success

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